William Whatcott to Continue Anti-Gay Pamphleting Despite SCC Ruling

Despite the ruling earlier in the week by the Supreme Court of Canada on anti-gay speech flyers, William Whatcott says he intends to continue his anti-gay activism and pamphleting.


Whatcott was charged under Saskatchewan’s hate speech law for distributing pamphlets that portrayed homosexuals and a threat to children. As to the ruling, Whatcott responded, “I think it’s a dark day for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and more profoundly for me, freedom to speak the truth. It’s a very dark day for Canada.” He further stated, “I have to follow Christ first. What I have said is true. There’s not a sentence that I retract, so likely future fliers will be more of the same.”

The SCC’s ruling on Wednesday reaffirmed that all human rights hate speech laws in Canada were constitutionally valid limits on freedom of expression. The decision reaffirms the Canadian approach to hate speech. Specifically, the SCC affirms that freedom of expression can be limited by law to address the problem of hate speech, unlike the American approach, in which speech can only be limited in the most extreme circumstances.


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