Can my Facebook page hurt my family law case?

Lorne MacLean, QC gives some valuable advice on using social media in this one-minute Q&A.
We advise all of our family law clients to close their social media accounts. No one has ever won their family case because of his or her Facebook page.
For those of you going through divorce or separation, please don’t post foolish comments and pictures on social media like Facebook.
Your intemperate postings on social media become immortalized on the Internet and remain there as ticking legal time bombs waiting to destroy your family law case.
Don’t post anything on social media sites such as Facebook that you wouldn’t be comfortable having a judge see or hear during your family case because trust me they will.
Damaging social media posts can be used to provide a court with a bird’s eye view into your character and can lead to nasty results for you like:
• a loss of time with your children in a child custody case;
• a large money damages award against you for badmouthing your spouse or for invading their privacy; and
• fines against you or even jail time for uttering threats when you’re angry

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