Same Sex Parenting – Web Extra with Kelly Jordan

In this web extra Kelly Jordan, a lawyer and same-sex parent, discusses the issues surrounding same-sex parenting.

With the advent of same-sex marriage in numerous jurisdictions, an increasing number of lesbian and gay couples are parenting children. What is the status of the reproductive technologies available? What are the legal consequences of having biological children versus adoption? Do same-sex parents and their children face special challenges that don’t exist for other families?

Featuring: Kelly Jordan, Family Law Lawyer and Same Sex Parent
A partner at Jordan Battista, Kelly leads the firm’s family law department, which assists families access the spectrum of issues they face, including marriage, cohabitation, adoption, conception through fertility treatment, separation and divorce. Kelly was called to the Bar in 1995 and she has since practiced in Toronto in the areas of family law, wills and estate planning, and assisted reproductive technologies. Her practice in this area runs from drafting Separation Agreements to litigating for custody, support or property rights. She also does a significant amount of work with clients who use assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogacy agreements, ovum/sperm donor agreements and obtaining declarations of parentage.

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