18 Blogs with Strategies for Using Positive Reinforcements with Your Kids

It’s not unusual for parents to resort to using negative consequences to curb bad behavior, however relying on these tactics will not produce the same results as if you were using positive reinforcements. Instead of merely scolding your child when he’s being bad, take the time to praise him when he’s being good. This will take work on your part, because you will need to train yourself to pay attention to the positive behavior instead of the negative.  These 18 blogs share ideas on how to use positive reinforcement with your kids.

Positive Reinforcement Techniques

Start out by becoming a student of your child.  Study him and see what things make him happy and what things upset him.  Make note of which of his behaviors you would like to change, such as hitting or screaming.  Praise him for his positive behavior, and ignore him when he is screaming (as long as he’s safe).  Children want your attention, and if the only way they can get it is by doing positive things, that is what they’ll resort to.  You can find out more about positive reinforcement techniques in these six blogs.

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