Dispute over a cello: wills, estates, and family conflict

wills and estates (and cellos)

This dispute by two sisters over a cello is a good example why it is important to address wills and estates. Read more at Dinning Hunter’s Victoria Law Blog.

If you have ever tried to figure out with your adult siblings how to provide for the needs of an ageing parent, you’ll know that the family dynamics can suddenly change, and not always for the better. Of course, the death of a parent will also fundamentally affect the sibling dynamic.

With the parent no longer assuming a leadership role, discussions between siblings about money and sharing responsibility for care can often reawaken past conflicts, some with their origins in childhood.

This is a very good reason for parents to prepare a will and other testamatory documents very early in life.

This dispute by two sisters over a cello is a good example. Read more at Dinning Hunter’s Victoria Law Blog.

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