5 Big Challenges Divorced Moms Face

Because divorce is never really part of the plan, many recent divorcees have some very real struggles to cope with. As they grapple with life’s new complications, divorced Moms face several main challenges during their lives after marriage.  Taking a moment to look at the main problems which divorced mothers are experiencing today, we see true resilience and brave women finding solutions. Divorced moms facing these 5 major issues are sharing their tips with the community and are overcoming the sometimes adverse affects of divorce. 


Divorced women sometimes face issues of a psychological nature. Fitting in at the workplace, in social circles, or even meeting daily responsibilities can become daunting. Fulfilling what was once the “husband’s jobs” in the house, outside, and in the world can take on a whole new meaning and “stigma” for a divorced woman and her surrounding group.  Women with children who have gone through a divorce are finding new ways to beat out the stigma associated with it, through support groups, and motivational events.  The freedom gained healing from a soured marriage encourages women to help others handle the transition as well, and to provide advice on reinventing their households.

Dating Again

Divorced moms often find difficulty when they feel ready to begin dating again. Being reluctant to start a new relationship is part of the problem, but finding a new partner she can trust is hard too. For moms, finding partners comfortable with children can be a challenge unto itself.

While online dating is a comfortable approach for some, others feel it’s just too far out of their comfort zones and aren’t comfortable on social networking sites.  One of the exciting things about divorcee support groups is that networking time and face-to-face meet-ups help women find friends. Support groups forge strong bonds and help newly divorced men and women assimilate back into socializing.

Employment Woes

Mothers who aren’t active in the workforce struggle after divorcing, when they find themselves in need of employment.  Résumé gaps from stay-at-home moms are difficult when competing in today’s market, and many feel under qualified by comparison with other applicants.

Transitioning moms use tools to help educate and retrain themselves,  fine-tuning or adding skills to increase their appeal to employers.  Online classes or part-time educational programs geared toward working students allow for upward movement in the job sector, with less sacrifice on the home front.  Educational scholarships and grants, offered by major universities and government programs are also available for single parents, and students with children.

Alimony Complications

Often times, getting spousal payments is difficult when managing finances on either side of the divorce. Juggling and reorganizing one’s budget is difficult enough, but divorced moms fraught with paying or receiving alimony payments often feel overwhelmed. Those who need help budgeting are getting ahead of the game, by calling-in the experts. Divorce attorneys and specialty accountants are great resources to consider. These professionals are highly trained and experienced sifting through the complex nature of long and short-term payment plans.


For divorced moms, there is a move toward family childcare, and kids are seen entering school at younger ages.  Still, balancing a full time job alongside family responsibilities is difficult following divorce; especially for women reviving their careers. Support from fathers helps tremendously, and afterschool care programs and enrichment activities such as clubs, music lessons, or sports teams are great ways to keep your children active, learning, and occupied.

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