Turning 20 in Canada? Make Sure You Read This Guide Before Starting to Vape

The Vaping Regulations in Canada often only affect the owners of vape shops as well as vape companies directly, however they can also limit the vapors to some extent. Finally, while these regulations and rules might be limiting, the majority of them are effective for the vaping community as well as assist promote health over the addiction and youth vaping. With the increasing popularity of vaping or e-cigarettes, health firms across the Globe have been pressing for a quick action to limit what they view as the health threat, specifically to the young Canadians.

Nowadays in Canada, e-cigarettes (i.e., electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or vapes) are legal for a specific use. Under the federal Tobacco & Vaping Products Act and Non-Smokers’ Health Act, the minimum age for buying tobacco products is 18. There are right now no rules regarding where one can utilize them, along with some exceptions. However, there are various provincial and municipal vaping regulations which have been produced by provinces and municipalities. The kinds of places where vaping are currently banned vary throughout Canada. The 8 provinces and the Canadian federal government have adopted e-cigarette legislation, as per the Canadian Cancer Society.

Vaping items are advertised, manufactured, sold, or imported in the country are subject to, among the others, below-mentioned acts as well as their regulations –

1.  Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 – You should be 19 years old to buy vaping supplies and e-cigarettes. Like tobacco products, selling vaping supplies and e-cigarettes to anybody younger than 19 is illegal. It is needed by rule for the retailers of Ontario’s vaping industry for receiving appropriate Government approved recognition from the consumer before they sell the latter supplies or e-cigarettes. The latest by-law tells that anybody who is under 19 years old is not allowed entrance into the vape shop and a lot of reliable vape stores in this province have been applying this already for a while.

Under this law, you can’t vape in an enclosed public area, enclosed workplace, as well as other areas that are designated as vape/smoke-free. In case you vape in a place where the activity is not permitted, you might be levied with the offense as well as subject to the fine in case you are convicted. Vaping through the electronic cigarette (which include exhaling and inhaling vapor) is allowed if the below-mentioned situations are fulfilled –

  • Use is to sample the vapor product

  • Not more than 2 people can sample the vapor item simultaneously

  • Specialty vape shops should provide one-time usage, fresh disposable mouthpieces for sampling, until an e-cigarette is a private possession of an individual sampling the vapor product, Etc.

2. Tobacco and Vapor Products Control Act (British Columbia) –The Government of British Columbia, in March 2015, proposed the legislation, which initially, aimed on banning e-cigarettes from being utilized indoors, banning sale of e-cigarettes to anybody under the specified age limit of 19, as well as restricting promotion or advertising of electronic cigarettes. This law was proposed for coming into effect in February 2016.

As per this vaping regulation, the following are prohibited –

  • Sales where the tobacco sales are banned

  • Sale as well as supply to the minors (younger than 19)

  • Vaping in the cars with kids under 16

  • Vaping wherever smoking is prohibited (public areas like Golf courses, Storefronts, Parks, and Beaches or workplaces) with the exclusion of vape stores where the minors’ entry is prohibited, with at most 2 people sampling the product simultaneously with the intention of purchase.

  • This e-cigarette legislation also bans any type of publicity in the shops except PoS (Point-of-Sale) displaying price and availability which include duty-free stores.

  • Vaping within 6 meters of doors, open windows, and air intakes

  • KG to Grade 12 school spots at any time

  • Every PoS display except anywhere minors are not allowed, permits the vending machines at the adult-only places which include the duty-free stores

  • Ban on the health authority land in the designated areas.

3. Tobacco Access Act & Smoke-Free Places Act (Amended) (Nova Scotia) – This was one of the earliest provinces to execute important restriction e-cigarette sales and vaping in Canada. The province passed the above-mentioned legislation which came into effect on 31st May 2015. It considers e-cigarettes in almost the same manner as tobacco cigarettes. As per this E-cigarette Legislation, they should not be included in the scene, until the shop does not allow minors’ entry. The promotion of PoS is prohibited. Outside of the shop, no advertising or signage is allowed. Prohibition of selling to anybody younger than 19. Also, selling in the pharmacies is not allowed, or wherever tobacco sales are banned.

Under the regulation, the following activities are banned –

  • Possession by the minors

  • Sale as well as supply to the minors

  • Vaping in the venue where the act of smoking is banned

  • Sale in the pharmacies

  • Need to showcase age restriction signage

  • PoS promotion. (Vape stores are exempt however any promotion from outside of the store is prohibited)

  • Vaping on the school property, in the cars with kids younger than 19, on bar patios/restaurant, within 4 meters of windows, doors, as well as air intakes of the workplaces

As per the update in this law (In December 2019), Nova Scotia declares the ban on every flavored vaping products or e-liquids for coming into effect 1 April 2020.

4.  Tobacco Control Act (Quebec) – Since the year 2015 in the province, the majority of the smoking rules are also included in the vaping laws such as the ban on the sale of vaping items to anyone under the age of 18. Currently, online sales of the vaping items to anybody who is younger than 18 are illegal. Delivery agents have the duty of checking out that the purchaser is 18 or older. Vaping items with flavors of dessert, candy, soft drinks, cannabis, as well as energy drinks are also banned. These modifications are included with current restrictions, like where you cannot smoke, either electronic cigarettes or tobacco.

As per Bill 44, it is forbidden to –

  • Interact with consumers inappropriately about tobacco products showcased in the store. It means the seller cannot talk regarding the alleged advantages of vaping.

  • Permit e-cigarettes as well as associated accessories for being viewed from outside of the store. For preventing this, you will be required to frost the window.

  • Allow consumers to test flavors or products. In case you run the vape store, you cannot permit a prospective customer to test the products or demonstrate how they work.

  • Considered as one of the most significant Canadian vaping laws, it also prohibits the advertisement of the vaping item whose distribution or sale is prohibited. In a broader sense, posters, advertisements in newspapers, Facebook posts, leaflets, or on a social networking channel are not permitted. Similarly, it is impossible for the vape seller in the province of Quebec for owning a site that advocates its products.

5.  Tobacco & Electronic Cigarette Sales Act (New Brunswick) – New Brunswick amended 2 acts, on 1 July 2015, for encompassing vaporizers and e-cigarettes, to limit its sales to the minors as well as to signify where these products can be utilized.

As per the law –

  • One cannot sell smoking supplies (blunt wraps, rolling papers, cigarette tubes as well as filters, cigarette pipes, and holders) to anyone who is younger than 19 or is put on display.

  • Sale of e-juices and e-cigarettes to those people who are younger than 19 is prohibited as well as the vaping products should be hidden from sight.

  • Most requirements to post the health warning symbol has been removed.

  • Nobody younger than 19 can enter the vapor shop unless they are accompanied by an adult.

  • Restrictions on the promotional items that currently apply to tobacco at the other retail stores will also apply to smoke supplies and electronic cigarettes.

  • Outdoor ads by vapor shops and tobacconists are not allowed as well as promotional material inside these stores should not be viewed from the outside.

Later solutions to this act include –

  • Sales banned anywhere tobacco sales are prohibited

  • The ban on sale as well as supply to the minors

  • The ban in or on school land, in the car with children younger than 16, within 3 meters of the patios, within 9 meters of windows, doors, as well as air intakes of the workplaces.

6. Tobacco & Electronic Smoking Device Sales & Access Act (Prince Edward Island) – Under this regulation, the below-mentioned activities are banned

  • Sale where selling tobacco is banned

  • Sale as well as supply to the minors and acquire by minors

  • Use of vaping products with children younger than 19 in cars, bar patios/restaurant except from 10 PM-3 AM, within a distance of 4.5 meters of air intakes and doors

  • Vaping in the workplaces or indoor public spaces

  • PoS promotion as well as promotion from the outside of the retail premises

  • Outdoor signage

  • Vaping on the construction sites

  • Any advertising which is misleading about the health hazards, health effects, as well as characteristics of the vaping devices.

After having some amendments to the well-known Smoke-Free Places Act, the following activities are banned –

  • Use in the cars with kids under 19

  • Use of the electronic smoking gadgets in the workplaces or indoor public areas, excluding in the designated smoking space in the long-term care facility

  • Use on the construction sites

  • Use in the bar patios/restaurant between 10 PM-3 AM

  • The outdoor designated smoking spaces which are within the distance of 4.5 meters of air intakes and doors.

As per the latest update in this law in November 2019, Prince Edward Island has put in place the legislation for increasing the legal age for vaping from 19 to 21.

7.  Smoke-Free Environment Act & Tobacco and Vapor Products Control Act (Newfoundland and Labrador) – The Government in this province is right now ‘working on the legislation’ about e-cigarettes and vaping. Currently, no official rules are in place. In recent times, there are no laws in terms of vaping inside, which include restaurants, bars, and hotels, etc. until specified by an individual establishment.

Under this law, which came into effect on 7 June 2016, the following things are banned –

  • Vaping in workplaces, vehicles, and public places with kids who are younger than 16.

  • Sale to the minors

Moreover, in case you are planning to choose an online vapor store to buy e-cigarettes or other supplies for the first time, make sure to go for a trustworthy one. One is allowed to vape in the designated electronic cigarette spaces in the long-term care facilities as well as in certain workplaces.

The below-mentioned activities were banned under the provisions which came into effect July 1, 2017 –

  • PoS promotion, promotional materials, and products can’t be visible outside, or inside the shop

  • Sale banned anywhere tobacco sales are banned

  • Restrictions on the signage outside stores.

As per the current updates of July 2017, vape stores will be permitted for operation if only the conducted business is vapor products’ sale.

As far as Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon are concerned, currently, there are no provincial or municipal regulations about vaping in each one of these territories. It means that there is no age restriction on sales, no bans on where you cannot and can vape, as well as what the advertising shops can utilize. A lot of people also prefer to buy the supplies from a reliable online vapor store in this way, they can get the desired item without any hassle.

The majority of shops will still not sell the vaping items to somebody underage, as well as the majority of establishments will not permit vaping in case they also ban smoking indoors. Those places where vaping is not allowed (like in cars with kids under 16) also vary throughout the country as well as might be included in distinctive legislation. Furthermore, this is always a good and polite idea to first get permission before utilizing the vape in the indoor public space.

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