5 Lessons You Can Expect To Learn From DUI Classes

It’s not easy being a DUI offender.

Once a court finds you guilty of driving under the influence, you’re bound to face penalties that include a jail sentence, hefty fines, and probation.

The judge may also order you to complete a DUI education program at your own expense.

You might see attending DUI classes online or otherwise as a rather harsh punishment in the sense that you’ll have to sit through hours of lectures and group discussions, and you’ll have to pay for them.

Then again, if you take them seriously (which you should, or else), you will learn things that will serve you well in life, particularly in relation to drinking and driving.

Let’s take a look at some of the lessons you can expect to learn from DUI education programs.

1. The Importance of Drinking Responsibly

It’s safe to assume that the people who run DUI classes don’t really expect participants to give up alcohol altogether, although that would be an ideal result.

What a DUI class does then is to teach its students to be more responsible when they imbibe alcohol.

Binge drinking, for example, can be classified as a highly irresponsible way of consuming alcohol because of the risks that come with it. 

A DUI class will help you see the pitfalls of binge drinking and provide advice on how to avoid it, among other things.

DUI classes will also stress the importance of always having a fallback whenever you’re too intoxicated to drive, like having a friend drive you home or calling a cab or ride-sharing service so you can get home safely.

2. Drunk Driving Hurts and Kills Actual People 

Let’s say your DUI arrest was relatively uneventful, as it happened during a routine DUI stop.

If that’s the case, then you can consider yourself fortunate. Other drunk drivers aren’t so lucky.

Over the decades, drunk driving has injured and killed tens of thousands of people. Most drunk driving accidents are well-documented through photos, many of which could be gruesome enough to make people faint.

If you’re attending a DUI class, expect the lecturers to show these graphic images to you and more.

To further drive home the very real dangers of drunk driving, DUI classes may also make participants listen to testimonials from loved ones left behind by victims of drunk drivers.

They may even bring in drunk drivers convicted of manslaughter or even murder to tell you how much they regret their decision to drive drunk only to end up ruining the lives of other people.

3. How To Make Better Life Decisions

A key part of a DUI education class involves providing participants with a variety of scenarios related to drinking and driving.

With the lecturer’s guidance, you and your fellow students will navigate the given scenarios until you reach the correct and responsible decision that will help you avoid an incident that results in a DUI.

With such scenarios, you can learn how to make better decisions not only about drinking and driving but life in general as well.

4. What Triggers Your Alcohol Use

All sorts of substance use are often triggered by something. In your case, a DUI class will help you identify the things in your life that make you want to drink and subsequently drive.

Once you have identified the reasons for your alcohol use that led to a DUI conviction, DUI education programs will help you explore them through classes and counseling sessions, where you can learn how to keep them from resurfacing and putting you in trouble once again.

5. It Pays To Have Only Positive Influences Around You

When attending a DUI class, your lecturer will likely ask you to make an honest assessment of the people in your life and find out which ones really care about you and who are nothing more than bad influences that enable your drinking and driving.

In line with its goal of helping participants avoid future DUI incidents, a DUI class will recommend that you need to try to exclude bad influences from your social circle.

You will learn the importance of surrounding yourself only with friends and loved ones who will support you and help you make responsible choices.

Completing DUI education programs may take some time and effort on your part, but with the valuable lessons you learn from DUI classes, you will stand a better chance of having a future without another DUI in the picture.

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