In-Person DUI Classes vs. Online DUI Classes – A Comparison

While they are not exactly new, online DUI classes have now become mainstream. Before, only individuals who don’t have access to physical classes near them have this option. Nowadays, the DMV has eased the stipulations and allowed people to take online DUI classes

Pros of Online DUI Classes

For some, being forced to attend a physical class can be inconvenient and embarrassing. For starters, you need to ask for time off work to attend the classes. This can also mean you will lose money which can go to the payment of your fines and classes. 

If you attend in-person classes, you might need to ask for a ride from family members, neighbors, and friends who might not be aware of your DUI conviction. On the other hand, attending online DUI classes will spare you from the embarrassment of having to tell others. 

Online classes can be taken from the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to tell anyone about your DUI conviction. With online DUI classes, you also can complete the course at a time convenient for you. This can mean you won’t have to miss work to attend the classes.

Cons of Online DUI Classes

Online DUI classes are more costly compared to in-person classes. Some studies also suggest that learning can go down when reading digital material. While unfortunate to note, this might affect an individual’s ability to fully understand the consequences of driving while intoxicated. 

Generally, it is reassuring to know that most offenders get the correct message the first time around regardless if they attend in-person or online DUI classes. For those who struggle with addiction and repeat offenders, attending in-person classes is deemed ideal as they are more likely to seek additional support and help.

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